Your Pilates Studio

A healthy addiction for your body and mind.

Offering a wide-variety of classes supported by highly trained and passionate teachers.

Investing in your longevity, health and wellbeing.
Step into the best version of you.


All memberships are direct debit unless paying for a casual visit.
*Please note all Cancellations require 30 days’ notice via email.
Prices are quoted on a per-week basis.

Full Access Reformer – $39.95 (limited to 1 reformer or mat pilates booking per day)

Gym + Full Access Reformer – $49.95 

Xcell Premium – $64.95 (Gym/Group Fitness, Reformer, Yoga/Mat Pilates, Recovery)

Single casual Pilates – $25.00

4 Pass Pack – $90.00

10 Pass Pack – $200.00