Your Pilates Studio

A healthy addiction for your body and mind.

Offering a wide-variety of classes supported by highly trained and passionate teachers.


All memberships are direct debit unless paying for a casual visit.
*Please note all Cancellations require 30 days paid notice sent via email.
Prices are quoted on a per-week basis.

Casual Reformer passes – Please note our building doors don’t open until 5:30am, therefore bookings for casual passes are only available from 6:00am onwards.

Full Access Reformer – $39.95 (limited to 1 reformer or mat pilates booking per day)

Gym + Full Access Reformer – $49.95 

Xcell Premium – $64.95 (Gym/Group Fitness, Reformer, Yoga/Mat Pilates, Recovery)

Single casual Pilates – $25.00

4 Pass Pack – $90.00

10 Pass Pack – $200.00